Analysts and consensus

Company complied analyst consensus

Below is a summary of the latest consensus, including estimates from all covering analysts, as at  28 April 2022.

Analyst consensus FY 2022 FY 2023
Net Operating Income (£m) 272.5 291.2
Profit Before Tax (£m) 83.0 90.0
EPS 22.2p 24.4p
DPS 11.1p 12.2p

CMC Markets has a financial year end of 31 March.

Sell side analysts coverage:

Company Analyst
Canaccord Portia Patel
Jefferies Martin Price
Numis Kim Bergoe
Peel Hunt Stuart Duncan
RBC Ben Bathurst
Shore Capital Vivek Raja

CMC Markets will endeavour to regularly update analyst consensus however are under no obligation to do so. If CMC Markets considers the estimates to be out of date then one or more of the analyst forecasts may be excluded. Analyst consensus does not constitute CMC Markets estimates or forecasts, therefore should not be construed as a profit forecast on behalf of CMC Markets.