The Group is committed to managing its environmental impact and fully aware that considering the environment in decision making processes, particularly around technology adoption, can have a beneficial impact on the Group’s performance. CMC is further aware of its moral obligation and social responsibility.

CMC’s key environmental impacts relate to running its global offices, data centres and business travel.

The running of data centres accounts for the majority of the Group’s electricity usage and CMC continues to look for opportunities to improve their efficiency and performance.

CMC is also mindful of the environmental impact of each of its global offices and has a clear preference for energy efficient rated office buildings. We engage with all the building management teams to continuously strive to increase sustainability.

The Sydney office is the world’s first ever building to be awarded the top WELL Building Institute certification, at Platinum level, for the building’s features, which were certified and monitored as positively impacting the health of people who live, work, and learn in them. CMC has chosen to seek to match this impressive result by targeting a similar six star Green Star rating for the office fit-out in the building by adopting environmentally sustainable design and construction, innovation in sustainable building practices, consideration for occupational health, productivity and reducing its ongoing energy and similar operational costs.

CMC is committed to:

  • A sustainable future achieving a balance between environmental, technological, economic and social objectives
  • Investing in an aim to become carbon neutral
  • Reducing the impact of offices on global greenhouse emissions
  • Reducing the impact on the environment through energy use and recycling, and calculating and disclosing our carbon footprint in a transparent way
  • Ensuring operations comply with applicable legal and other compliance requirements
  • Making continual improvements in environmental performance, with the aim of protecting the environment
  • Recognising that each employee, contractor and supplier has a role to play in protecting environmental quality
  • Requiring suppliers and subcontractors to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and adhere to relevant environmental standards
  • Minimising office waste and encouraging colleagues to recycle as much as possible
  • Educating colleagues on the benefits of recycling and reducing waste and development of employee awareness
  • Minimising unnecessary travel by encouraging our people to adopt new technologies to collaborate with colleagues and clients remotely
  • Buying renewable energy from certified sources where practicable at our global offices – CMC's London office electricity is purchased from 100% renewable sources. The Frankfurt, Vienna and Sydney offices are also in the process of moving to certified renewable sources.
  • Continually reviewing and understanding the range of environmental impacts arising from our activities

Case Study: Greenhouse Gas emissions

Examples of other initiatives:

CMC has well established waste management initiatives in place to effectively reduce its carbon footprint, including management and reduction of waste, which have been implemented across the organisation. All paper, cardboard waste, aluminium cans and plastics waste is recycled, working with registered waste disposal contractors with regard to relevant waste legislation.

CMC provides the facilities within its offices to allow employees to engage in sustainable activities by providing bicycle storage, along with shower and changing facilities, allowing as many people as possible to travel to work in an environmentally friendly and healthier manner. In addition to this, UK employees have access to the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Following the move to a flexible work environment, CMC embarked on a Global workstation replacement programme, replacing each desktop computer with a laptop. In order to reduce waste and support our local community the Group pledged to donate all surplus equipment to local educational bodies and community groups. Resulting in around 300 PC's being recycled in the London Office alone - and more through our other offices worldwide.

CMC operates a managed print solution to help control paper usage, this slashes the volume of unclaimed printouts, ensuring users release print jobs at the point of printing. Print jobs enter a virtual queue and can only be released once the user authenticates themselves at the machine using a swipe card.

Introduction of reusable cups for all employees in the UK, Australia, Germany and Austria offices, which eliminated disposable cup usage in those offices, thereby reducing consumption by approximately 300,000 per year. Therefore moving to a more sustainable solution which reduces CMC’s environmental impact.

CMC Markets Sydney also took the pledge to remove ‘Single Use Items’ within the office and is included on the Signatories list Single-use items | Sustainable Destination Partnership