Case studies

Greenhouse gas emissions are calculated in alignment with records used for the production of the consolidated Financial Statements for the relevant accounting period. We have used emission factors from BEIS’s “Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2020” to calculate our Scope 1 emissions and have determined the Scope 2 electricity impacts for electricity from the International Energy Agency (“IEA”) emission factors. All emissions required under the Companies Act 2006 are included except where stated and include Scope 1 (direct emissions from gas consumption) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchased electricity) emissions but exclude Scope 3 (other emissions from business travel and waste) emissions. Diesel usage for backup generators at one office location has been excluded from the report given that it is not material to our carbon emissions.

The figures include emissions from all global offices. In some cases estimates are used to calculate usage where actual consumption figures are not available, such as gas consumption in an office and electricity consumption in a datacentre, in the UK.